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  • EES stands alone with regard to the design and build of their dimensional quality control fixtures. EES supports the Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM’s), Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. EES has been designing and building CMM Holding and full attribute fixtures since their inception for both the sheet metal and plastics industries. The (2) manufacturing facilities support the NC machining, construction and certification of components in size ranging from a Side Window Defroster Grille to a stamped Body Side component. There is also the ability to provide a secure viewing area for any design sensitive properties.
  • EES has (2) numerically controlled (NC) machining centers to support our manufacturing environment. These machining centers are used to cut three dimensional contours as well as hole patterns in a two dimensional environment. EES has experience and tooling to machine several types of media that range from light weight tooling foam (density of 10 lb.) to hardened tool steel. The largest machine has a machining envelope of 120” x 96” x 44”