Turnkey High-Performance Compute (HPC) Solutions

A Technical Computing Breakthrough- Eicher offers a breakthrough in price/performance for technical computing through its High-Performance compute (HPC) Server Solutions. With its deep background in nearly every computer-intensive CAE software, Eicher tailors each HPC Compute System for your specific applications to maximize system performance and increase throughput.

Unique Combination of CAE and HPC Expertise- Eicher is a product development and engineering company with a large internal CAE group, running most of the popular CAE applications available.  Because we use CAE on a daily basis, we understand your specific needs and the unique requirements of all the various CAE applications.  We also use our own internal systems as a testbed for new hardware technology, software and workflow optimization tools.  At the end of the day, our goal is the same as yours: maximize overall CAE throughput for a given budget.

Some of the advantages of Eicher’s HPC Systems over traditional systems include:

o    Complete Turnkey Solutions

o    Complete Technical Support

o    Far superior performance

o    Unlimited scalability

o    No single point of failure

o    Unequaled reliability and redundancy

o    Dramatically lower acquisition costs

o    Unparalleled flexibility


o    Optimized for your specific CAE applications

Eicher offers Turnkey HPC Solutions, with implementation and support services for nearly every commercial CAE application on the market. Some examples include:

The key to architecting an optimal compute systems is a thorough understanding of your applications. With Eicher’s 20+ years’ experience with the most compute-intensive CAE applications, implementations are seamless and performance is unmatched. Each custom-configured HPC Compute cluster is tailored specifically for your applications, compute environment and performance goals. At Eicher, all systems are fully assembled, burned-in and running test jobs on your applications prior to on-site installation. This process tremendously speeds and simplifies implementation as well as minimizes burden on your CAE and IT staff.

Flexible Job Scheduling Options- Our goal is to maximize your overall CAE workflow.  We accomplish this through customization of the scheduler and workflow to meet your group’s needs.

Eicher offers highly customized workflow solutions utilizing a number of the most popular job scheduling / workflow management solutions:

Introducing Eicher’s HPC Optimization Service

o    Optimize Your Existing HPC System

o    Improve System Stability and Add Redundancy

o    Eliminate Resource conflicts

o    Improve Throughput

HPC Optimization Case Study:


o    Poor Scaling and Performance

o    Poor System Stability

o    High Support Burden on IT Staff


o    Significant Performance Improvement

o    Implemented Job Scheduling System

o    Improved System Stability

o    Improved Ease of Use